Wei Miao

Wei Miao

Assistant Professor of Marketing

UCL School of Management


Hi, welcome to my homepage! I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at UCL School of Management, University College London. My research focuses on the sharing economy (in particular the ride-sharing market), platform economics, digital marketing, and empirical industrial organization. I apply both econometric and experimental methods in my research projects.

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  • Sharing Economy
  • Platform Economics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Ph.D. in Quantitative Marketing, 2019

    National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • B.Econ. in Finance, 2014

    Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Working Experience

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Aug 2020 – Present London, UK

Ongoing Research


Bidding or Allocation? The Design of Dispatch Systems in the Ride-Hailing Market

Previous studies have shown that dispatch systems, which use innovative technology to match riders with taxis, can substantially reduce search frictions and are therefore more efficient than conventional street hails. However, how to design dispatch systems has not been fully investigated in the literature. In this research, we developed and estimated a structural model for the two-sided ride-hailing market to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a bidding-based dispatch system and an allocation-based dispatch system. (with Junhong Chu and Xueli Zhang)

Friend or Foe? Flat-Rate Pricing and Supply Outcomes in the Ride-Hailing Market

This study takes advantage of an exogenous policy change in which a leading taxi company in Singapore introduced an origin-destination-based flat-fare option to causally evaluate the causal effects of flat-rate pricing the ride-hailing market. (with Yanlai Chu and Junhong Chu)

Overtreated by Taxi Drivers: Whom, Who, and When?

This research examines sellers’ fraudulent behavior in the taxi industry. Specifically, we identify whom taxi drivers tend to overtreat, what types of drivers are likely to overtreat, and when they tend to escalate overtreatment. (with Junhong Chu)

The Effect of Surge Pricing on Driver Behavior in the Ride-Sharing Market: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment

This research combines the difference-in-differences estimator with the causal forest algorithm to identify the causal effects of surge pricing on driver behavior in the ride-sharing market, leveraging a unique quasi-experiment in which a leading Chinese ride-sharing company introduced surge pricing in different cities in waves. (with Yiting Deng, Yongdong Liu, Wei Wang, and Chris Tang)


UCL School of Management, University College London


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  • The UCL School of Management is based on the 38th floor of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.